Who convinced Vibheeshana to perform the last rites of Ravana?

After Rama killed Ravana in the war, Ravana’s army ran towards Lanka city with fear. Sugreeva, Angada, and their army became elated with joy and started celebrating their victory. Vibheeshana reached towards Ravana’s dead body, lying the in the mud and soaked in blood, Vibheeshana became very sad.


With grief, Vibheeshana said to Ravana’s dead body, “Brother, Look what has happened. As a king, you used to sleep on the most comfortable bed and now you are lying in the mud. I have always warned you that you made a mistake by abducting Sita. But because of your arrogance and lust, you never paid attention to my words. Kumbhakarna, Indrajit, and other warriors also did not listen to me and now you are experiencing the consequences.”


Rama consoled Vibheeshana by saying, “Ravana did not run away from the war. He fought the battle like a great warrior and he has made every effort possible to win the battle. You should not grieve for the death of such a warrior. In a war, a warrior should either kill all his enemies or get killed. Ravana was a very powerful warrior and no one could fight with him including the Devas (Gods) “.


Rama continued, “Ravana was a great king and he has developed his country very well and he has created a lot of wealth for his people. In his kingdom, Yajnas (sacrifices) and other rituals were conducted daily. Ravana was well educated and he has developed proficiency in several Shastras(subjects), Vedas and Vedanta. Ravana enjoyed his life with several pleasures. Since he has been killed in a well-fought war, you should honor him by performing his funeral rites. Enmity ends with death.”


Vibheeshana replied, “Rama, I don’t need to perform last rites for Ravana. He was cruel, cheated and he desired others’ wives. He is an enemy in the guise of a brother. People may criticise me for not performing the last rights for my brother. But when they come to that my brother is Ravana, everyone will agree that I have done the right thing. ”


Rama said, “Vibheeshana, Ravana was very wise, powerful but he has not followed his Dharma and he created unpleasantness for everybody. But he was a great warrior and he fought very bravely till his death. Ravana is eligible for his last rites. Perform your duty and gain glory.”


Vibheeshana got convinced with Rama’s words and performed the last rites of Ravana.




Source : Valmiki Ramayana

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