Are you a devotee? Here is a checklist from Sri Rama

In the deep forest, Savari has been living in an ashram for many years. Savari has taken the path of devotion of Rama for enlightenment and she has been worshipping Rama and controlling her thoughts. After Ravana has abducted Sita, Rama and Lakshmana arrived at Matanga ashram in search of Sita. When Sabari saw Rama and Lakshmana entering the ashram, she was excited to see them. Sabari washed their feet, offered water for drinking and fruits and roots. Rama accepted her offerings happily and began to eat the fruits.


Sabari was overjoyed and her eyes became moist with tears and said ”Rama!! The great saints, who were my teachers lived here many years and worshipped you. They mentioned that you are the incarnation of the Para brahman and you will come here for the protection of Rishis and destruction of Rakshasas. They have asked me to preserve my body and meditate on you. Even my gurus could not attain a sight of you. I am an ignorant woman and I am born in a lower order. I am not sure how I deserved your presence. I do not know even how to praise you!!”


Rama blessed her and said, ”Without a devotion, any kind of sacrifices, gifts, study of sacred texts are not sufficient for enlightenment. The only qualification of worship is love. It does not matter whether you are man or woman, where are you born, what order you are born are immaterial. I will tell you requirements of devotion to me”


Company of good people, recitation of my deeds, singing about my attributes, , constant efforts towards realizing the truth, possession of charitable nature, constant worship of me, meditation of my mantras, non attachment to external things and reflecting upon my nature are the 9 requirements of devotion towards me. Through devotion towards me, anybody can realize the truth that they are no different from me. Because of your devotion, I have come to you. Now I have a question for you. Have you seen my wife Sita? Do you know where she is living?”


Savari said, “Rama! Your ways are strange. You are the omnipresent Para Brahman and there is nothing beyond you. You know everything but you are asking me because you want to follow the ways of this world in this avatar. Ravana carried of Sita to Lanka. Near by, there is mountain called Rishyamuka adjoining the Pampa lake. You can meet Sugriva there and he can do your job”


With devotion towards to Sri Rama, anybody can attain enlightenment.

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