How to deal with friendship? Hanuma’s advice that saved Sugraiva’s life

After Vali’s death, Rama has coroneted Sugriva as the king of Kishkindha Kingdom. Sugriva thanked Rama and promised Rama that he will assemble a great army to fight Ravana as soon as the rainy season is over. Since Rama has taken a vow that he will not live in any city, he lived on the Prasavana mountain along with Lakshmana. While Rama was waiting, Sugriva engrossed himself in pleasures and comforts of his kingship. He indulged himself with women day in and day out and delegated his responsibilities to able ministers.


Hanuma has observed this and advised Sugriva that, “Now you have acquired your kingdom back and you still have the duty to fulfill your promise to assemble the army. Your kingdom will flourish only if you treat your friends very amicably and address their needs punctually. A king needs to pay attention to his finances, army, friends and his own atman (self). A king who does not addresses his friend’s needs on time, and over indulges in personal comforts will receive lot of adversity. When you delay in acting on addressing a friends’ need, it is as good as not acting at all”.


Hanuma continued, “Rama is a great warrior and he is capable of attacking Ravana alone. Rama values his friendship greatly and he has proved it already by saving your life from your brother and made you as a King. Please do not wait till Rama comes back and remind you to act on your promise. Invest your energies in pursuing Rama’s objectives and command the army to assemble here quickly”. Sugriva thanked Hanuma and ordered immediately to assemble a massive army and prepare for the fight.


The rainy season was over and Rama still did not get any communication from Sugriva on how to proceed to Lanka. Rama became very anguished and said to Lakshmana, “Four months of rainy season feels like hundred years for me. I don’t know how Sita is and without her I am not able to enjoy this beautiful nature as well. Sugriva has used me to get his kingdom back and he is indulging in the worthless pleasures and forgot his promises.” Rama asked Lakshmana to go to Kishkindha and remind Sugriva about his promise. “Tell Sugriva that I have killed Vali with one arrow and if Sugriva does not abide by his words, I can kill Sugriva and his dynasty as well”. Lakshmana became very angry and said “I will kill Sugriva right away and will lead and an army under the leadership of Angada to search Sita”. But Rama asked Lakshmana to have patience and only warn Sugriva and not act in haste.


When furious Lakshmana entered Kishkindha, some of the informers informed Sugriva about Lakshmana’s visit. Sugriva came to Hanuma and said, “ I have never spoken ill of Rama or Lakshmana and I don’t know why Lakshmana is angry with me. Some of my rivals may have created a bad impression about me to Rama. Why don’t you go to Lakshmana and pacify him”. Hanuma replied, “Rama must be upset and he must have sent Lakshmana to remind you about your promise. You have been ecstatic about your kingdom and you have not noticed that the rainy season is over. If Rama is annoyed, it is not good for you and your kingdom. You have been a great friend and you already ordered the entire army to be assembled. I don’t foresee any other way except apologizing to Lakshmana for the delay. If He uses any harsh words, please endure it as Rama is anguished.”


Sugriva apologized to Lakshmana and they all went to the Prasavana Mountain to display the great army that he has assembled to fight the war.


Source : Valmiki ramayana


Essential qualities of a winner – learn from Hanuman

In search of Sita, who was abducted by Ravana, Hanuman has decided that he will fly through the skies over the ocean. Hanuman said to other monkeys, “Like an arrow released by Rama, I will go to Lanka with great speed and search for Sita. If I do not see her there, I will go to heaven and look for her there. If I do not find Sita in heaven, I will tie Ravana with chains and bring him here. I will either return to Sita or the entire Lanka along with Ravana”.


He joined his two palms and saluted Indra, Vayu, Brahma and other devatas and increased his size of the body multifold. With the pressure caused by his size, there was a great disturbance on the Mount Mahendra. Creatures living in the forest shrieked in horrifying tones and snakes spewed fire. Ascetics residing in the mountain flew away from there. Vindhyadharas along with their women tried to run away from their places to hide from destruction. Then they all heard a voice from the sky, “ Hanuma has taken up an impossible task of crossing the ocean for the sake of Rama.” Everybody looked up to the skies wishing good for Hanuma.


With a body like a mountain, Hanuman flew into the air with high energy and speed and caused the great disturbance in the sky and ocean. On seeing him fly, Devas, Gandharvas, and danavas showered flowers on him. Sagara (the got off the ocean) thought, “Hanuma has taken up an impossible task for Rama. Rama’s dynasty is responsible for my well being today. I need to help Hanuman”. Sagara went to the gold mountain Mainaka and said, “Mainaka, you have been positioned here as an obstacle for asuras. You have the capability to rise and grow wide. I request you to rise so that Hanuma can take rest on you”.


Mainaka rose like a sun clearing the clouds, shining in the gold color in the middle of the ocean. Hanuman saw the mountain from a distance and thought that it is an obstacle for him. Hanuman hit the mountain with his chest with great speed and the mountain fell. Mainaka rose in a human form with folded hands and said, “Hanuma, Please come and take rest on my peeks. Rama’s ancestors developed this ocean. As per the traditions, when we take a service, we need to return service. Sagara wants to do a service for you. I also have taken a favor from your father. I would request you to take rest for a while, enjoy the great food and sweets”. Hanuma replied, ” Please consider that your service is done. It is time to perform my duty. I have taken a vow that I will not rest and neglect my duty and the day is also passing.” Hanuma touched Mainaka’s hand with affection and flew into the sky.


Devas and Gandharvas were very happy to see Hanuman flying with great speed. They wanted to test his strength, courage, and intelligence. Devas and Gandharvas requested Surasa, the mother of Nagas, “please create an obstacle for Hanuman. We want to see whether he will win over you or suffer from sorrow”. The serpent mother rose up in the middle of the ocean with a horrible appearance obstructed Hanuma, and said, “You have been offered as my food today, and I want to eat you. Enter my mouth now”. Hanuma folded his hands and said, “I am going on Rama’s task to find sita. Once I find Sita, I will come back, and you can eat me. For now, please let me go”. Surasa rejected Hanuman’s request and said, “you cannot overpower me. You have to enter my mouth now”. Hanuma became angry and increased his size by ten times and Surasa also increased her size of the mouth accordingly. Hanuman increased it to 20 times, and Surasa made her mouth also that long. Hanuma increased his size to 60 times and Surasa responded. The wise hanuma immediately reduced his size to a thumb went inside Surasa’s mouth and quickly came back. He said to Surasa, “My respects to you. Please leave me now as I have entered your mouth. I will go and find Sita”. Seeing this, Devas and Gandharvas became very happy and showered their wishes.


A demon named Simhika, who resides in the ocean, saw Hanuman flying on the see by a large size. Simhika has the power to catch anybody by attracting their shadow. When Simhika attracted Hanuman’s shadow, Hanuma realized that he is not able to fly faster and a great force is pulling him back. He then saw Simhika in the middle of the ocean, enlarged her size enough to eat Hanuman. Simhika ran towards Hanuman to capture him. The wise Hanuma contracted his body size and fell into the mouth. With his sharp nails, he killed Simhika by cutting her internal organs. He came out of Simhika with the speed of thought.


Seeing Simhika killed by Hanuman, devas said, “Hanuman! You have displayed great abilities. A person will never fail in his goal if he has courage, vision, intellect, and skill. Go ahead and accomplish your goal.” Hanuman regained his speed and reached the shores of Lanka. Hanuma thought that he would attract unnecessary attention if he lands on Lanka with this great size. He contracted his size and landed on Lanka without anybody noticing him.


Source: Valmiki Ramayana